How can I access and use the Nuts & Bolts Program online?

You can access the recorded videos anytime. There is no time limit on when you can take the online class.

Once you decide to activate a video, the CLE login and password will activate the viewing license which gives you 90 days to view the content. This also records your CLE attendance with us at ABI. This is submitted to the CLE board of your state. After 90 days, the viewing license will expire and you will be require to put the password in again. If you run out of licenses, you can request more viewing time from us at ABI.

When the video is fully buffered over the internet or downloaded from the server, and the password put in, you will have full control of the video (pause, rewind, forward, etc.).

Each video in your Nuts and Bolts series will require its own activation using the same username and password. Enough viewing licenses are given to view the videos on two computers (i.e. one for the office, one at home).

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions

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