How does an online CLE program work?

ABI has two types of online CLE programs.

The first type is a pay-per-view recording of a single class, seminar, or session at an ABI event. You can purchase a recorded session from the E-Learning section of the ABI website.

The recorded sessions are available in Windows Media format (audio or video). When a program is selected from the online CLE catalogue and the "Play Now" button is clicked, you will be redirected to the online CLE login and purchase screen. There you will be asked to create an online CLE username and password. Your credit card information will be taken at this time and the fee for the session will be charged. If you previously created a CLE username and password, your credit card information will already be on file and you can type in your CLE login and password to purchase a new session. Upon completing this, you can now access the audio or video session. Your CLE attendance will be recorded at that time.

The second type of session is a subscription to a group of recordings that represent an entire ABI program. Our most popular online CLE program is the ABI Nuts & Bolts Program for young and new Practitioners. You can purchase these subscriptions from the E-Learning  section of the ABI website.

The recorded sessions are available in Windows Media format (audio or video). After the subscription order and membership is processed at ABI, a CLE user name and password is sent to you via e-mailed along with links to the recorded sessions of the program. You will now have access to all the recordings.


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