How can I find a bankruptcy professional in my area?

The American Bankruptcy Institute is a professional society and, as such, does not provide legal advice. To locate a consumer bankruptcy professional in your area we suggest: 

  • Bankruptcy Resources, ABI's consumer bankruptcy information website, includes a directory of consumer bankruptcy professionals around the country.
  • The American Board of Certification is the nation's premier legal specialty certification organization -certifying attorneys as specialists in business bankruptcy, consumer bankruptcy and creditors' rights law. To search for a certified bankruptcy professional in your area visit:
  • The American Bar Association is the largest voluntary professional association in the world. With more than 400,000 members, the ABA provides law school accreditation, continuing legal education, information about the law, programs to assist lawyers and judges in their work, and initiatives to improve the legal system for the public. The ABA has a search engine to allow the public to search for their members via the web at:



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