What is the conference attire?

Conference attire for summer conferences is typically resort casual. Programs held in New York City are typically business attire. Below we've provided a list of our annual conferences to help you with packing. 

Business Attire (jacket and tie)

  • ABI/GULC "Views From the Bench"
  • ABI/NYU Bankruptcy and Business Reorganization Workshop
  • Annual Spring Meeting
  • Beijing Insolvency & Restructuring Symposium
  • Complex Financial Restructuring Program
  • Corporate Restructuring Program
  • Cross-Border Insolvency Symposium
  • Delaware Views From the Bench
  • International Insolvency Symposium
  • Litigation Skills Symposium
  • Mid-Level Professional Development Program
  • New York City Bankruptcy Conference

Business Casual

  • ABI/SJUSL Mediation Training Symposium
  • ABI/UMKC Midwestern Bankruptcy Institute
  • ABI/Stetson Alexander L. Paskay Memorial Bankruptcy Seminar
  • Bankruptcy Battleground West
  • Chicago Consumer Bankruptcy Conference
  • Detroit Consumer Bankruptcy Conference
  • Memphis Consumer Bankruptcy Workshop
  • Rocky Mountain Bankruptcy Conference

Resort Casual

  • Caribbean Insolvency Symposium
  • Central States Bankruptcy Workshop
  • Mid-Atlantic Bankruptcy Workshop
  • Northeast Bankruptcy Conference
  • Southeast Bankruptcy Workshop
  • Southwest Bankruptcy Workshop
  • Winter Leadership Conference
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